Spectranet vs Smile 4G LTE data plans – Which Data Plan is Best in Nigeria 2017

Have you ever wished you have the most reliable 4G LTE network in Nigeria?

What if I told you that you can get it on a cheap?

Of course, 4G LTE is in its early stages of development and Nigerian network providers are yet to catch up with the trend.

So that leaves us with established 4G LTE providers that were in existence before telecom providers in Nigeria started rolling out the 4G network.

Everything You need to Know about Spectranet & Smile:

Spectranet and Smile are perhaps the most renowned 4G broadband internet service provider in the country.

With that said, their ultra – fast download speed & cheap data plans is something Nigerians will like to binge on.

You should know that Spectranet and Smile services are limited to only some major cities across the country. As at the time I’m writing this, only Lagos, port-Harcourt, Abuja, Ibadan are enjoy these services. However,  both 4G providers have promised subsequent roll out of their services to other states across the country soon.

Today, I’ve taken the time out to look closely at which network currently has the best data plans that’s unswerving and cheap as well. So, I will list their current data plans offers and compare them head on with the prices.

Well I think this will be an interesting review, you can grab a bottle of soda as you skim through this review to know which service is ideal for the budget users.

Without further ado:


Spectranet list data bundles & prices:

7GB For N5,000: The plan is valid for 30 days.

15GB for N7000: This plan is valid for a month (30 days)

25GB for N10,000: The plan is also valid for 30 days and it can be used at anytime of the day 24/7.

40GB for N12,000:  Valid period of 30 days

55GB for N20,000: For N20,000 Naira you can get a whooping 55GB to browse for a full month

110GB for N40,000: this is especially valuable for  heavy internet users. Also valid for 30 days.

200GB for N70,000: If you need to take your downloads to an extreme, then this plan is for you. It’s also valid for 30 days.

List of Spectranet’s Unified Nite Plans:

You can enjoy night browsing between 1am – 7am

20GB for N7,500

40GB for N11,000


Smile List of Data plans and Prices:

N1,000 for 1GB with a 30 days validity and 2mbps

N3,000 for 3GB: It’s valid for 30 days

N5,000 for 5GB: this plan has a 30 days validity period

N9,000 for 10GB:  The plan is valid for 30 days

N17,000 for 20GB: 12 months validity

N19,800 for unlimited plan with a 30 days validity and speed limit of 4mbps for the first 100GB, 2mbps for the next 100GB and 512kbps for the remainder of the month

Yearly Data Plans:

N36,000 for 50GB: This plan is valid for a Year.

N70,000 for 100GB: with a 12 months validity

N135,000 for 200GB: It is also valid for 12 months.

Looking at the Data plans, we can come to a conclusive decision that Spectranet is more affordable than the Smile data plans. In the category of budget price the spectranet easily win here by a margin.


What’s the use of an budget plan when it’s slow and lacks coverage?

In light of the above, Glo Internet bundles are quite large while the network speed is extremely slow that Nigerians are making funny memes of how slow the network is.

Just for the record there’s a difference between Speed and coverage. So will look at both individually.


Smile is by far and large the winner for coverage. As a matter of fact, smile has started rolling out their 4G services to a number of states in Nigerian than its rivals of which spectranet is part of.

So I’d say Smile is the crystal clear winner in the category of coverage.


Like I said earlier, Speed is what internet users crave for. If you can’t offer a service that’s ultra fast then forget it. Little wonder why Network providers has one of the largest internet subscribers after MTN.

I haven’t done a speed test yet. But according to a number of customers that have used Spectranet and smile, most can’t plainly point out which is faster.

So for me, I think it is a tie between Spectranet and smile.


Smile and Spectranet are without a doubt the best 4G service providers in the country. After the comparing them in data price, coverage and speed, I’ll call it a tie.

Although I think the decision is left for you to choose which is best.

For users that are on a strict budget, Spectranet is the ideal choice for you. While if you don’t leave in among the states spectranet service covers then Smile is an excellent choice.

Finally,  Choose the plan that suits your needs best and you’ll be glad you did.



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