Open Heaven 2019

2019 is here with 366 bright opportunities to explore God’s Holy book, the bible and discover God’s great presence in your career, business, family and life in general. Open Heaven 2019 is calling on you to wake up from your deep spiritual sleep and face what’s ahead of you, because the journey is not for the feeble.

open heavens devotional 16 may 2017

The Open Heaven Daily Devotional Message 2019 will guide you through each and evey day of the year, all that’s required of you, is to dedicate yourself to searching the scripture via the Open heaven for today and living in the reality of God’s words.

You need to spend time with your creator, He wants you to come more closer to Him in 2019, which is why you need to acquaint yourself with Open Heaven For Today 2019.

It’s time for you to get started with God seriously. Your father, wants to show you His ways. He wants you to draw nearer to Him. Pastor E A Adeboye Open Heaven devotional book will help you achieve this in a very short time.

There are forces greater than you. These forces require greater heavenly forces to make them free their prey. The Open Heaven Devotional 2019 will expose you to God’s word and align your part unto righteousness.

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