Konga Black Friday is By The Corner – Everything You Need To Know

Konga Black Friday is by the Corner. Read everything you need to know about the event.

Konga black Friday dubbed as the Yakata is a time when customers get discounts from products on different categories from the online store.

Some products even go for less than 70% percent its original price. While not all products get this incredible discount, you’d be happy to more that all the products prices are slashed, all thanks to the black Friday.

For customers that would like to binge on all the black Friday but unfortunately haven’t saved enough you don’t have to be worried. The Yakata starts next month, so you might as well save up as much as you can to enjoy the event as well. You can get anything from Top rated coolers, Refrigerators, washing machine etc for half the price. isn’t it amazing?


To take advantage of all the best deals on Konga Yakata event, you’d have to know the discount rate for each category. This will narrow down your options to the categories that are worth your time and money.

Below are one of the best offers and their discount rate:

Phones and Tablet Up to 50% off on Flash sales
Generator & Heavy Electronic Appliances Up to 50% on flash sale
Home & Office Up to 60% off on deals
Fashion Up to 70% on flash sales
Games and Consoles Up to 50% on deals
TVs and Electronics Up to 60% on flash sales
Groceries Up to 50% on deals
Baby, Kids & Toys Up to 50% off
Health & Beauty Up to 50% on flash sales
Computers & Accessories Up to 40% off
Washing Machines Up to 50% off

 How to Enjoy the Black Friday Like a Boss

Don’t get carried away by the black Friday, here are some tips that will help customers keep their spending on check while getting a bang for their buck!

  1. Draft out a list of things you need. This will put a leash on sporadic spending.
  2. Save some dedicated amount for the event. You wouldn’t like to get short of cash when there’s a lot you need to get.
  3. Be alert, the best deals come as flash sale which lasts for a limited time.
  4. Get a good network connection that’s fast and reliable. You wouldn’t want to miss out on flash sales.


There you have it guys. Our full tips and everything you need to know about the Yakata Black Friday deals.

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